Youth Program

Children and teens at IA are enthusiastically welcomed into the Youth Program by friendly faces and engaging children’s staff that help to fill each day with fun and new experiences. The program is filled with cool, age-appropriate activities and interesting topics related to the conference theme.

The International Affairs Conference Youth Program will be adhering to the Star Island Health and Safety guidelines for 2021.

The Barners
For the 2021 season, the youth will be divided into four groups:

  • Barners: PreK-1st grade
  • Brookies: 2nd – 4th grades
  • Marshlandians: 5th – 8th grades
  • Parkers/Seniors: 9th – 12th grades

This is a smaller number of groups than in the past due to the smaller conference sizes necessitated by Covid restrictions.  We expect to return to more youth groups when the number of conferees returns to its usual level.

Note that groups won’t be finalized until close to the conference to accommodate shifts in registration. Groups are developed based on the number of children registered overall and in any given age group, with an eye toward keeping groups a fun, manageable size while meeting the needs of the youth in age-appropriate ways.

Katie Bender

Katie Bender, Youth Program Coordinator

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me: And of course, feel free to talk to me while on Island. See you soon on Star!