What Parents Need to Know


Star is a wonderful place for all youth to safely practice independence and take responsibility within this beloved community. As is true every year, it’s important for parents and youth to remember that the youth program is just four or so hours each day. The rest of the time on the Island, parents are responsible for their children/youth. Parents: just as you would off-island, it’s important to check in with your kids throughout the day and provide whatever guidance you would when you are at home.

Social Hour: Each evening from 5:15-6:15, all conferees of all ages are invited to come up to the Stone Village for Social Hour. This gathering is geared both for adults and for people under 21 years of age. As weather permits, Social Hour is hosted outdoors on the Stone Village lawn, with a separate table especially for youth snacks and beverages. Youth have their own snacks/beverages table, and are not permitted to request beverages (of any type) from the adult area. However, if you’d like your children to hang out beside you in the glorious sun and air of the Stone Village, that’s a great option. Additionally, the Kiddie Barn playground is very close to the Social Hour area, and families are welcome to bring snacks and drinks over from the Stone Village. When there is inclement weather, Social Hour will be indoors. It is important to know that according to New Hampshire law, no one under 21 years is allowed inside of Newton Center while alcohol is being served. In the case of rainy days, youth will be set up indoors in a separate building, and parents are responsible for making certain that their youth do not enter Newton Center if alcohol is being served.

Parents of Seniors: Sometimes, the Senior group likes to hang out late into the night in the building (Parker) where they meet for youth program – historically and generally, this is absolutely fine with the Island and the conference. However, parents should understand that this does NOT constitute youth program time; neither does the Youth Program, the Conference, nor the Island, provide supervision of the teens during these hours.


The island and the IA Conference take fire safety issues very seriously. Star Island is a remote island with several very old, historic wooden buildings. While sprinkler systems have been installed, and the island staff is well trained in fire protection, the risks to life and property are higher than they would be were there a fire station nearby. Therefore, the rules that have been put in place by the island regarding smoking and the use of fire in and around buildings must be taken very, very seriously. The island has a zero-tolerance policy for violations of these rules. Anyone found in violation will be required to leave the island on the next available boat. No questions asked. We strongly urge you to discuss the policy with your children and impress upon them the importance of following it. Being “next boated” is not a pleasant way to end a wonderful vacation! The policy will be explained during the mandatory island orientation at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, also called the Fire and Water talk.


Illegal drugs, guns and fireworks are prohibited on Star Island. Anyone found in possession of any of these items will be required to leave the island on the next available boat.  Please explain this to your children as you deem necessary.

Please review the Family Handbook with your child for these safety & supervision reminders, plus island boundary information.