2016 IA Conference

Theme: Education Around the World – An International Perspective

As we continue to evolve as a global community, it is clear that the Western idea of education is not the only model. Neither, as may be noted in the wake of No Child Left Behind, is it necessarily the best. IA 2016 will focus on looking at education from different perspectives based on cultural differences, philosophies, and value systems. Whether looking at curriculum or cultural expectations and issues, we will explore education in terms of what students need as well as what teachers need, and look at different models around the world that are shaping education through a variety of approaches.


Andy CalkinsAndy Calkins leads an initiative that has been at the forefront of a national movement to help public schools move from emphasizing teaching to emphasizing learning.
EK ChoEK Cho’s research focuses on institutions that impact the quality of educational services for young children.
Sameer HonwadSameer Honwad studies how learners in different cultures around the world understand ecosystem processes and how they use this knowledge in their everyday lives.
Elizabeth SunebyElizabeth Suneby writes books for children and teens to help them find their voice in a hopeful world.

Minister of the Week

Reverend Claire Feingold Thoryn Reverend Claire Feingold Thoryn is Lead Minister of Follen Community Church in Lexington, MA, where she has served since 2013.