Registration Overview

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For questions or additional information, please contact Kathy Elefterakis, IA Registrar at or 781-326-6082.


IA Registration Policy


The International Affairs Conference welcomes applicants of all races, religions, ethnic groups ,and sexual orientation. The Conference has 270 spaces for 2015.  Submit your full week application by March 10th to be given priority if conference capacity is exceeded by April 15th.

Conference Overnight Guests.

A Conference Overnight Guest is any attendee wishing to register for less than the full week.  In an effort to ensure that all who wish to attend for the full week are given preference, applications for Overnight Guests will be accepted only after May 15.  Priority will be given to Overnight Guests of  spouses, partners and children of full week attendees sharing the same room.

 Conference Overnight Guests are responsible for securing their own travel and boat arrangements and communicating this information to the Registrar.  The Registrar cannot make these arrangements for you.

Procedures if the IA Conference is Full by April 15:

In some years the IA conference receives more applications than can be accommodated.  In this case, applications received by March 10 will be considered as early applicants and be given priority.   

Regardless of whether or not the conference is full, the following guidelines apply, provided completed applications are received by April 15.

New Shoalers

To continually enhance and grow the International Affairs Conference, 15 percent of all conference places will be awarded to new applicants who apply by April 15, should the conference fill by this date.  (A new conference applicant who is a spouse or partner of an Old Shoaler is not considered “new” for this purpose.)  This 15 percent guideline does not include speakers or workshop leaders.

Ministers and Speakers

To honor the contribution of ministers and speakers, they will be guaranteed a place for four years immediately following the year served if their application is received by April 15.

The conference may stop accepting families with children under 18 after certain levels have been reached based on staffing and logistical considerations.  Families applying after the youth program has filled will be placed on a waiting list.


Up to 15 percent of the total places at the conference may be reserved for: 

  1. Conference Committee members who will be guaranteed one year for each year served up to a maximum of five years immediately following the final year served (this includes the Registrar/Treasurer and Youth Program Director(s).  
  2. Conference Committee Chairs will be guaranteed five years following their last year on the committee.  Again, completed applications including all fees must be received by April 15.

Applicants to Other Conferences

In the event the conference is oversubscribed, applications will not be considered for IA week from those accepted at other week-long Star Island conferences until all other applicants have been offered places.


If the conference is filled by April 15, a lottery will be used to determine admission, with priority given to applications received by March 10th.  Those not granted admission through the lottery will be placed on a wait list.  As withdrawals or cancellations occur, wait listed applicants will be accommodated in the order their applications were received.   Late applications will be added to the wait list and considered only after all applicants received by April 15 have been accommodated.

The lottery process will be handled by the Registrar.  To ensure fairness, the Registrar will nominate at least two other persons who must be approved by the Conference Chair to serve with the Registrar on a Lottery Committee.

Financial Assistance: Availability is limited, but please do not let financial concerns impact your decision to apply. Click the link on the left near the top of the page to see the Financial Assistance policy.