Financial Assistance

IA welcomes applications from all who wish to join our exciting community.

Application forms are available now and are due by April 15, 2024.

Applicants will be automatically considered for grants from the IA Community Fund as well as the Star Island Corp Financial Grants program and MAY receive funding from both sources.  The combined application is online here:

More Details!

  • Financial assistance applications MAY be made for consecutive years.  Please note, this is a change in policy from past years!

  • All financial assistance applications are held in strict confidence.  From the conference only three members of the IA Community Fund Committee, one of whom serves as the Chair, as well as the IA Registrar/Treasurer, who is a non-voting member view the applications.
  • Financial assistance from IA and Star Island  can be combined with discounts and promotions, with an earnest attempt to reach the requested room and board discount.
  • Only full-week conferees (five nights or more) are eligible to apply for financial assistance
  • IA’s Financial Assistance  funds are generated yearly through fundraising activities during the previous year’s conference (including an art auction and a silent auction) and individual donations.

  • The  IA Community Fund is committed to providing financial assistance to  invest in a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community.  Individuals and families from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.