Financial Assistance

IA is committed to making the conference as financially accessible as possible and has a grant program that people can apply to.  Application forms will be available when conference registration opens in early 2022.  Applications will be due on April 1, 2022. IA welcomes applications from all who wish to join our exciting community. Individuals and families from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


  • IA’s Financial Assistance Program funds are generated yearly through the art auction, silent auction, and individual donations.
  • All financial assistance applications are held in strict confidence and are only viewed by the Financial Assistance Committee, comprised of three IA Shoalers, one of whom serves as the Chair, as well as the IA Registrar/Treasurer, who is a non-voting member.
  • IA financial assistance is limited to no more than 50% of room and board, and a maximum of $1500 per family group. The boat fee is included as part of your room and board expenses, but conference registration fees, transportation to Portsmouth, and parking are not covered by financial assistance.
  • Only full-week conferees (five nights or more) are eligible to apply for financial assistance.
  • Individuals and families from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
  • Financial assistance applications may be made for consecutive years, but repeat requests may be deferred at the discretion of the Financial Assistance Committee until first time applications have been processed.
  • Applicants may apply for both IA and Star Island Corporation (SIC) financial assistance. However, you may not accept awards from both IA and SIC. It is acceptable to initially accept IA financial assistance and later turn it down if SIC awards more assistance. The deadline for Star Island financial assistance is normally around June 1st and notification by June 15th. Application can be found at
  • IA and SIC financial assistance can be combined with special discounts and promotions, not to exceed total room and board expenses.
  • Applicants are encouraged to request only what they truly need and are encouraged to volunteer, as they are able, to assist with conference activities.
  • IMPORTANT: Should you be notified of a financial assistance award and circumstances prevent you from using the award, you must notify the scholarship committee as soon as possible so that the funds may be distributed to others.